s. 22.3.2023

e. Cressfield's Den 'V Eremitazhe

i. Mami's Beardie X-tra Fudge

Den of Chip'ndale, u
Den of Pirates, u
Den of Thieves, u
Den of Black Bitch, n


s. 18.11.2019

e. FI & DK & SE & POHJ MVA EE & LT & LV & BALT MVA EE & LT JMVA  Cressfield's Rock-A-Hula Maple

i. EE JMVA TLNJW-18 Catastrofe's Pink Panther

X-tra Fudge, u
X-tra Long, u
X-tra Peanut, u
X-tra Dark Fondant, n
X-tra Gingerbread, n
X-tra Small, n